Create an Optimal Learning Environment

Top-notch facilities for teaching, learning, research and public engagement are key to a quality education. There are opportunities to help provide this fertile environment as CEU expands to offer teaching and researchers on three sites – a main campus in Vienna for degree teaching, a research and public education institute at our Budapest campus and, with our partners at Bard College, internship and academic programs in New York. In each of our locations, CEU is committed to ensuring the quality and accessibility of our libraries, classrooms, laboratories, study and recreational spaces.

Your gift can help us achieve our capital development goals to:

  • Establish the Otto Wagner campus as CEU's permanent home in Vienna
  • Reconfigure and refurbish our Budapest facilities to meet the needs of researchers and staff
  • Create new audio and media labs in the CEU Library in Vienna to support teaching activities across multiple graduate and BA programs
  • Create a new cluster of laboratories in Vienna for the study of infant cognition, joint action, cognitive computation, and economic choices, part of CEU's prestigious Department of Cognitive Science

At the heart of a rights-based order, of free speech and of intellectual freedom are centers of higher learning that promote these values to its future leaders. CEU is a case in point and its importance to present and future generations can hardly be overstated."  

– the late Kofi Annan, Former United Nations Secretary-General