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Sharing ideas, encouraging intellectual debate, and serving our communities are hallmarks of democratic values and open society values. As such, public engagement is in CEU's DNA. Far from an ivory tower, CEU draws distinguished speakers from around the world to share their perspectives and research and engage students, faculty, and the community.

Supporting these programs is a way to support the role of the university in the world at large, and maximize the impact of our research, teaching, learning, and our diversity. The opening of our Vienna campus and gradual expansion of programs in New York mean this impact can be delivered in three cities.

Examples of some of our current public engagement programs include:

  • Presidential Lecture Series – Features philosophers, historians, economists, activists and social scientists debating contemporary issues. In 2019-20 "Reasons for Hope" considers why and how to remain committed to our ideals in the face of today's challenges—climate change, political extremism, and threats to democracy.
  • Philanthropy Series – Convenes leaders to explore the possibilities philanthropy is unlocking in higher education and society more broadly, and how we can all we can all contribute to building a better tomorrow.
  • Borderless Knowledge – Brings academics and leading figures from media, civil society, and business, into conversation with the public on issues pertinent to daily life.
  • Human RightS Initiative (HRSI) – A student-led program that raises awareness about human rights issues, while fostering the skills and capacity to respond to social injustice.
  • Jewish Studies Public Lectures – Established in 1996, this series brings renowned scholars to CEU to speak on topics spanning Jewish history, philosophy, and culture.
  • The CEU Socrates Project – A free, interactive evening course in the humanities and social sciences for people of low income who would not normally be able to attend a university level course.

CEU Widening Participation Program – Designed for primary school students from lower socio-economic backgrounds, the program aims to improve social mobility, raise aspirations and provide support and motivation to children who might not otherwise seek or find a path to higher education.

In the Borderless Knowledge series, with the help of key actors in Hungarian intellectual life and civil society, we talk about how we can use research at universities to make our lives and environment better. Knowledge cannot be anyone's privilege, not even that of universities. Everyone has the right to knowledge."     
Zsolt Enyedi, Pro-Rector and Professor of Political Science, CEU