Access to a top-ranked, American education is simply not available to many students in Central Europe and around the world. With donor support, CEU has been able to continuously invest in reducing the economic and geographic barriers that prevent the best students from attaining a world-class education. Donor-supported scholarships help us build a diverse community that transcends the barriers of class, gender, religion, ideology and national identity.  

Supporting CEU’s commitment to bringing the best and brightest students generates returns that last for generations. Providing a transformative opportunity enables  exceptional students from across the globe, particularly those from developing countries, regions in turmoil, or from disadvantaged populations to become empowered, skilled professionals with an ambition to effect positive change.

Scholarship support is CEU’s top fundraising priority. By giving to a scholarship fund or establishing a scholarship of your own, you can: 

  • Support open access to higher education 
  • Make a difference in the lives of students, including young people from particular backgrounds or regions  
  • Educate the next generation of leaders 
  • Transform career opportunities 
  • Reduce the debt burden for students in higher education 

Donor-funded scholarship programs include:

It would have been challenging for me to achieve the success I did in CEU had I been faced with financial issues. The financial support provided by the Peter Hangartner Scholarship made it possible for me to focus fully on my academic work. I am certain that this scholarship has improved my profile as a PhD candidate and made it stand out more than it otherwise would have. - Pellumb Reshidi, CEU Peter Hangartner Scholar 2014-15, PhD candidate at Princeton University