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With your help, CEU can continue to foster educational access for the best and brightest students from around the world, regardless of financial circumstances. Over 80% of CEU students receive some form of financial aid, and we aim to ensure the accessibility and affordability of a CEU degree for generations to come. Support CEU's commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion by contributing to student access and student success.

Your investment can be life-changing. CEU students fulfill their dreams in many ways. CEU graduates are or have been: president of Georgia, judge at the European Court of Human Rights, ambassador of Hungary to the U.K., foreign minister of Moldova, one of Canada's top 50 CEOs, award-winning startup founder... and the list goes on.

As a Hungarian Romani woman, CEU reminded me not to give up the fight for justice no matter what. With that in mind, future CEU students get ready, raise your voices and stand up if it is needed. And meanwhile, manage your time wisely, do not forget to make friends and enjoy life outside of studying! Köszönöm CEU!"

 Judit Ignacz, alumna of the CEU Romani Studies Program and the CEU School of Public Policy