Propel Research & Teaching

CEU is a research-intensive university rooted in the best traditions of both European and American scholarship and teaching. Your gift can help promote an optimal environment for the creation of new knowledge – one in which readiness for intellectual risk-taking is strongly encouraged and where analytical, reflective thinking is cultivated. Work with us to find a way to support the depth of focus on original and applied research, which is a hallmark of our teaching.

CEU seeks support for new initiatives such as:

  • establishing a Chair in Computational Social Science to enable a stronger understanding of human interaction and social phenomena through data
  • establishing a Chair in Human Rights, Trafficking and Migration to lead a research cluster on these critical topics
  • establishing a Chair in Jewish Studies to advance CEU's role as a hub for the study of Jewish history and heritage
  • creating a Faculty Recruitment and Retention Fund to attract top talent and meet the competitive needs of outstanding faculty.
  • building the CEU Democracy Institute, which enables the renewal and strengthening of democratic societies, including via work on media freedom at the Center for Media, Data and Society
  • bolstering CEU's commitment to open access and digital publishing and expanding global reach at its publishing house, CEU Press.

Over the past quarter century, no publisher has done more than Central European University Press to advance our knowledge of the history, politics, economics, cultures, and societies of Central and Eastern Europe, including the countries of the former Soviet Union... The Press, like CEU itself, has been an invaluable resource for scholars, students, and the wider public.

 – Mark Kramer, Program Director, Project on Cold War Studies, Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Harvard University