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A gift to CEU brings you into CEU's global community. Join us in Vienna, Budapest, or New York, meeting students from over 100 countries and faculty from over 40, and connect with alumni around the world. CEU's extraordinary diversity is its strength. Students and faculty share perspectives within and beyond the classroom, with passion and intention to find solutions to the world's most pressing challenges. This vibrant community is the embodiment of CEU's focus on critical, reflective thinking and intellectual risk-taking.

This intellectual exchange doesn't only happen on CEU campuses. CEU's global reach extends far beyond, with partnerships and collaborations with more than 100 institutions worldwide. CEU is a founding partner of the Open Society University Network (OSUN), funded and launched by George Soros, one of the founders of CEU. OSUN aims to reach those students who need it the most, and to promote the values of open society – including free expression and diversity of beliefs throughout the world by integrating teaching and research across higher education institutions worldwide.

CEU seemingly becomes a kind of attitude towards life: openness, ambition, fairness, curiosity, professionalism, helping each other out, working hard and celebrating even harder, trying to understand the world in order to make it a better place, not just tolerating but embracing diversity, debating passionately and respecting others – the list could go on. This is what you get if you join CEU."    

 – Carsten Q. Schneider, Professor in the Department of Political Science