Make an Impact

Act as a gateway to opportunity for brilliant students who are tomorrow's leaders. Advance research and teaching by supporting distinguished faculty who model and cultivate analytical, reflective thinking. Engage the public in open debate on the key issues of today, enhancing the university's role in the community in three countries. Ensure an optimal environment for in teaching, learning, and research by supporting the provision of world-class facilities.

"I want to note that you helped a countryside girl from a third world country be a scientist, engineer, traveler, singer, painter, doctor, and an architect today - all at the same time. I am yet to be a doctor who would cure my country’s lack of Analytics, but I am the architect of my own life today. I am slowly sketching my dreams again and it surely involves going back to my roots to discover new ways of dealing with data and sharing this with ambitious minds like me who aspires for more, all the time. I will be there to remind them that to aspire is the first step, and plenty of opportunities and help come to those who do."                               --

 – Faye Beatriz Tumaliuan '18, Future of Big Data scholarship recipient