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+ 43 1 252 30 7205 (Austria)
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+ 1 703 888 9235 (U.S.)

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Saturday June 25

Friday May 06

Inna Melnykovska, Thomas Fetzer, Rawi Abdelal , Peter Rutland , Kateryna Wolczuk , Andreas Goldthau
May 6, 2022
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As the Russian invasion of Ukraine takes an untold humanitarian toll, each one of us is called upon to urgently do our part. Your support will help us meet the immediate needs of our current and future Ukrainian students and alumni, while also providing an education rooted in open society principles – the brightest hope for our future. 

CEU has nearly 1000 Ukrainian alumni, students, faculty, and staff. Right now, all are forced into making existential decisions: Where to take shelter; how to resist; how to keep their families safe?  Together we must — and will — come to their aid. 

Read the statement on the war in Ukraine by CEU President and Rector Shalini Randeria, and learn more about how CEU is responding as a community.

How can you be of assistance in this hour of need?

Safe harbor for Ukrainian students:

The financial hardship caused by this war will extend long into the future. That’s why we’ve established a new scholarship fund—with a goal to raise €750,000—to support 30 Ukrainian students for the next academic year.

Your gift to the Ukraine Solidarity Fund will provide full scholarships, inclusive of housing and living support, that will afford a safe environment for young Ukrainians to study at CEU.

If you wish to discuss a named scholarship opportunity as part of this fund, please contact

Emergency Support:

With more than 3 million people forced to flee Ukraine to Hungary and across other neighboring borders, we are extending CEU’s facilities and services. This includes housing displaced alumni and their families at our Budapest dormitory as well as providing career advising, mental health, medical, and legal services.

To assist with housing and hardship support, please make a gift to the Emergency Fund.

If you wish to offer accommodation, employment possibilities, or any other direct support, please contact:

CEU Faculty & Staff Contribute Expertise on the War in Ukraine

Since the outbreak of the war on Ukraine, faculty members from all fields of study have contributed expertise on a variety of topics related to the invasion. The contributions of knowledge by CEU's diverse colleagues bring insightful perspectives to the important discussion on democracy, sovereignty and global politics.

CEU Expert Insights on the War in Ukraine

Podcast Episode by CEU President and Rector Shalini Randeria

This episode explores the geopolitical, economic, and social implications of the current war in Ukraine. The in-depth historical analysis, both of the current Russian invasion in Ukraine, and the larger global context outlines how the war can be understood as a world war, which involves the rethinking and remaking of a world order.