Hungarian Access Scholarship

The Hungarian Access Fund scholarship program, financed by anonymous donors, aims to enable outstanding Hungarian students with demonstrated financial hardship to study at CEU. Preference is given to students coming from rural areas of Hungary, and to students applying to the Master's degree program in Environmental Sciences & Policy.

Marton Molnar | BA in Quantitative Social Sciences

Marton comes to CEU from Tata. He graduated from his high school’s mathematics and physics track. He is the first in his family to attend university abroad. He’s chosen to pursue the QSS program at CEU because of the opportunity it provides to gain technical and interdisciplinary knowledge to make a difference in society.

While at CEU, Marton is developing both his critical thinking and problem-solving skills. While he is unsure about his plans following graduation, he feels CEU has been the perfect choice to study for his bachelor’s degree.

Mira Radakovic | BA in Quantitative Social Sciences

Hungarian Access Scholarship

From Budapest, Mira graduated from high school with a particular interest in geography and mathematics. Alongside her advanced-level classes, she attended the Milestone Institute. Her courses there ranged from macroeconomic theory to actioning sustainability.

She came to CEU for its academic rigor and interdisciplinary approach. Mira finds studying at CEU and living in Vienna to be an inspiring opportunity to be more involved in social innovation. Upon graduation, she plans to return to Hungary and apply her learnings for the betterment of Hungarian society and the country’s future.

Nora Kulcsar | MA in Environmental Sciences and Policy

Hungarian Access Scholarship

Nora holds a law degree from Eotvos Lorand University and her thesis focused on conservancy in Hungary. After graduating, she went on to gain valuable practical experience in the public sector. At the beginning of her career, she participated in the local and international fight against wildlife crimes and biodiversity loss. She then focused on European asylum law, serving as a caseworker

While at CEU, she is strengthening her environmental science and policy knowledge. She is motivated by a passion to protect natural habitats and to establish in the close future a sustainable relationship between nature and humans.

Matyas Peter Muranyi | MA in Environmental Sciences and Policy

Hungarian Access Scholarship

Matyas comes to CEU after having graduated from the Budapest Technical University with a BSc in Environmental Engineering and an MSc in Energy Engineering. He has experience working in data science and energy systems. One of his projects involved utilizing bicycle-mounted air quality monitors. 

Among his professional interests are urbanism, energetics, and human ecology. After graduating, he aspires to work on environmental issues at the governmental level. These include energy poverty, regional development within the EU, and exploring possibilities for degrowth.