Kaffeehaus Fellowships

Dedicated to the great thinkers of Vienna's past and the reasoned and open interchange of ideas of the Kaffeehaus, the Kaffeehaus Fellowship is awarded each year to outstanding students from Austria (and in exceptional cases India) with demonstrated financial need and excellent academic credentials. Preference is given to students accepted to the departments of Economics and Business, Environmental Sciences and Policy, Network and Data Science, and the undergraduate Quantitative Social Sciences (QSS) or Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) programs.

Lauritz Autischer | BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Kaffeehaus Fellowship

Lauritz was born and raised in Vienna. After graduating high school, he spent a year working before starting his universities studies. 

Initially enrolled at the University of Vienna, Lauritz decided to transfer to CEU for its commitment to academic excellence, diverse community, and the value it places on open dialogue. At CEU, he is pursuing innovative solutions to global issues and actively contributing to rich, open exchanges inside and outside the classroom.

Tim Ehrenberger-Kaessmann | BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Kaffeehaus Fellowship

Also from Vienna, Tim comes to CEU with a deep interest in his chosen field of study after a semester abroad to New Zealand while in high school. During his time there, he took courses in classics, economics, history, and philosophy.

While at CEU, Tim is continuing to pursue an interdisciplinary education and broadening his understanding of differing perspectives on critical issues. After graduation, he plans to pursue a career in an international organization. 

Maximilian Knasar | MA in Public Administration

Kaffeehaus Fellowship

Maximillian comes to CEU following his BA in Transcultural Communication at the University of Vienna. There, his studies revolved around translation, language proficiency, discourse analysis, and intercultural competence.

He is pursuing a career in diplomacy with the goal to improve Austrian bilateral and multilateral relations. To this end, he has held internships at the Embassy of Argentina, the Austrian Foreign Ministry, and the United Nations.

Paulina Charlotte Matt | MA in International Relations

Kaffeehaus Fellowship

Paulina holds a BS in Business, Economics and Social Science from the University of Vienna. Her primary focal areas were economics and socioeconomics. While an undergraduate, she also took a summer course at Sciences Po that comparatively analyzed social policies in Europe and the US.

Outside the classroom, Paulina has completed traineeships at the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs and at the State Government Vorarlberg. After graduating from CEU, she aspires to work to combat inequalities, either at an international organization or NGO.