Peter Hangartner Fellowship

The Peter Hangartner Fellowship is awarded annually to an outstanding second-year student in the Department of Economics and Business who earns the highest GPA during their first year of studies.

Philipp Hangartner, son of Peter Hangartner, for whom the fellowship is named, has funded the prize in honor of his father, opening new doors for a promising student in the Department of Economics and Business. Click here to read more

Damira Shaikenova, MA in Economics

Peter Hangartner Fellowship

Before attending CEU, Damira completed her BA in Economics with a focus in mathematics at Nazarbayev University, in her home country of Kazakhstan. During her undergraduate studies, she recognized how crucial economic research can be for addressing socioeconomic issues in developing countries like her own.

At CEU, she is pursuing her interest in the quantitative analysis of societal phenomena and has been inspired to give voice to developing nations through econometrics. Damira is weighing the option of continuing her studies at the doctoral level after graduation. Her ambition is to support her country's development.